Thanks for all the replies and great suggestions! I do appreciate it a lot.
Apologies for being a bit confusing about the cetralized /home foder in my 
previous mail. What I want is that all the users should have their /home folder 
stored in the storage. This entire partition (or LUN) can be attached to my 
Authentication server(i.e FreeIPA) by using iSCSI. From the Authentication 
server, I am NOT looking for iSCSI to get it mounted to the individual users' 
machine. I think NFS/automount would do that(appreciate any suggestion on this 
!) And whenever a new user is created, /home should be allocated out of this 
partition so that whichever machine the user is using to login later, she 
should be able to access the same /home specific to her regardless of the 
machine. I hope it is clear to all :-)
Thanks and regards,Nidal
>     -- Centralized storage with iSCSI for /home folder for each user by means 
>of a dedicated storage
IPA manages Automount, which is possibly what you want.  Are you going to give 
each user their own partition that follows them around, or are you going to 
give the a home directory on a a NAS server?  I Have to admit, the iSCSI home 
mount sounds interesting.  You could probably get automount to help you out 
there, but at this point I think that you would need a separate key line for 
each user.

Note that iSCSI won't help you if you want to mount the same partition on 
multiple clients.  For this, you either need a distributed File System, or 
stick to NFS.

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