Steven Jones wrote:
ran the ipa-join manually and krb5.conf was not configured, scp'd that over 
from the ipa-server and re-ran ipa-join, still getting the same 401 failure...

This is a different mismatch than you were seeing with 5.6 (and a completely different error message).

A few things to note:

- In general, when you reference any IPA server you should always use the fully-qualified name. The SSL error you had was because the name did not match the certificate. - The 3xx/4xx error responses seen from ipa-join are HTTP error codes so you can always check the Apache error/access logs for diagnostic information. - The integrated DNS stores information in LDAP, not flat files, so having no data in /var/named is not surprising.

ipa-join needs authentication in the form of a TGT or a one-time password. It definitely did one in the log you provided and you still got a 401, which is strange. Did you also run kinit before manually running ipa-join in your testing?

Running ipa-join or ipa-client-install with the -d option will provide a lot more debugging information.

I think the first place to check is the Apache error log to see why the join call failed.


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