has anybody tried to integrate Samba with FreeIPA 2? I searched and
found a mailing list post from 2009 with a solution using the 389 DNA
plugin, but later posts indicated that the solution outlined wasn't
correct (and probably out of date).

My impression from what I've read is that there is no way of doing it
other than configuring FreeIPA to add samba object classes, and
specifying the required attributes when adding a user. The problem then
is that adding users won't be possible from the web interface, because
of required samba attributes (unless one instead later adds the
necessary object classes and attributes).

Is this correct?

If so, I wonder how much work it might be to either add a small hack to
the web interface to add the necessary attributes, or to write a web
interface plugin which adds a user with the necessary attributes. Any
pointers would be appreciated (I know python).
I think it'd be useful to be able to add template values as well as
objectclasses in ipaConfig, e.g. something like:
ipaUserAttrs: sambaSid: ...-$uid, where $uid is expanded when the user
is created.

Thank you,


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