On 06/13/2011 04:12 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On Mon, 2011-06-13 at 15:23 +0200, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

I have successfully configured one IPA replica, now I'm trying to
configure a second replica, but I'm not having much success. I've
attached the output of ipa-replica-install -d. I get as far as "[4/11]:
configuring certificate server instance". The machine is configured in
the same way as the 2 first machines. They are all F15, updated with all
available packages from the official repos.

The installation fails when it's trying to connect to the dogtag server
on the ipa replica it's just configured, with a "Invalid clone_uri"
message. (See the attached file for details).

I'm not sure where to start looking. The only difference from the 2
first IPA servers, is that this server is located at another subnet,
over a site-to-site VPN connection.

Any suggestions to what might be wrong?
I have never seen this error, have you created a new replica package
with ipa-replica-prepare to create the second replica ?

Yes, a fresh package was created using ipa-replica-prepare and scp'ed to the new ipa server. I've even tried re-creating the package. Still the same error message.

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