Stamper, Brian P. (ARC-D)[Logyx LLC] wrote:

I understand that, what I’m asking is “Is --server required to be
configured somewhere for ‘normal’ ipa use?” I can use —server on the
command line. It also seems I can choose to disable SRV lookups when
doing ipa-client-install after the SRV lookup fails. Is there anywhere
else that I need to configure it? I guess I assumed that if ipa-finduser
does a SRV lookup that just using ipa for authentication would also do a
SRV lookup. Is that not the case?

The client configuration is separate from the administrative tools.

With the admin tools yes you need to specify --server to avoid the SRV lookup. I don't see a way in the code around that (other than to not have SRV records).

If you pass --server and --force to ipa-client-install it will force it to not use DNS discovery.

In the long run you are probably better off looking at 2.0 if you are looking to deploy.


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