On Tue, 2011-06-14 at 04:18 +0000, Steven Jones wrote:
> At a high level, I just need an idea how this will/could work....
> We have a centralised provisioning system that (eventually) we need to
> talk to IPA.   So the sort of things I need to extract are the
> available user groups and hosts and that then would be displayed in the
> IdM system. At that point  the user admin would create the user and
> select the groups and hosts the user can interact with...how does the
> external program query IPA? langauge? etc ? and then inject user info?

An external program can use the XLM-RPC interface to perform IPA queries
and updates. This is what the 'ipa' command-line tool does behind the

It's not very readable, but you can take a look at
to see the API specification.

There's a python API included with FreeIPA as well. See
for an example of how to start using this API.

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