On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 02:15:41AM -0400, Tim Hildred wrote:
> I have a VM running FreeIPA, and have the DNS SRV records referencing 
> ldap and kerberos mentioned in the documentation. 

So things used by ipa clients.

> In trying to set the domain of my Win2k8 VM to mysandbox.com, i get 
> an error that the 
> "DNS name does not exist" 
> after running the query for 
> "_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.mysandbox.com"
> which is different than the example given for an LDAP SRV record. 

You try to "set a dns domain" or "join the box into an
active directory domain"?

> So what SRV record has to exist that will allow my W2k8 VM to 
> join mysandbox.com domain?
> ipa dnsrecord-add _______________________

Not sure on what you try to accomplish, on the requirements to
do it Microsoft could probably comment best.
Since from sniffing you know the request you could just try to
fullfill it/serve it with you dns server?

Pure hookup of windows with kerberos into the IPA realm might
work (if not windows insists in using encryption types that are not
offered or such things).  Complete domain hookup will not work, for
that AD servers could be used or Samba 4.


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