Dan Scott wrote:

I've just installed Fedora 15 onto a VM, configured networking and run
the ipa-server-install script - the installation fails with the error:

Configuring ntpd
   [1/4]: stopping ntpd
   [2/4]: writing configuration
   [3/4]: configuring ntpd to start on boot
   [4/4]: starting ntpd
done configuring ntpd.
Configuring directory server for the CA: Estimated time 30 seconds
   [1/3]: creating directory server user
   [2/3]: creating directory server instance
root        : CRITICAL failed to restart ds instance Command
'/usr/sbin/setup-ds.pl --silent --logfile - -f /tmp/tmplNsX1T'
returned non-zero exit status 1
   [3/3]: restarting directory server
root        : CRITICAL Failed to restart the directory server. See the
installation log for details.

Logfile is attached.

Can anyone help with this? It looks like it's failing to
start/configure the dirsrv service. Is it possible that it's
conflicting with my existing FreeIPA 1.2.x servers elsewhere on the


Dan Scott

There has recently been an SELinux problem on F-15 that has affected 389-ds installation. Can you see if there are any AVCS for ns-slapd in /var/log/audit/audit.log?


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