Thanks to both of you, i reinstall kfw-3-2-2.exe and now it can get
/ipa/config/ files.
3 config files just like Rapid said. But new error coming up it said
Clock skew too great* while getting initial credentials. Does this
have anything to do with ntp? I equate time setting in win xp and ipa
server but have no change.

On 6/29/11, Rapid Noreapeat <> wrote:
> If you can not download the config from web path url, you can download the
> config files directly:
> *http://freeipa.local/ipa/config/krb.ini*,
> *http://freeipa.local/ipa/config/krb.con*,
> *http://freeipa.local/ipa/config/krbrealm.con* and place the files under
> Windows folder.
> Hope it can help :)

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