Ondrej Valousek wrote:

On 01.07.2011 16:33, Adam Young wrote:
With automount, what we found is that there is a wide array of
implementation approaches.  Based on talking with people that are
interested in IPA, we found that people can't even agree on whether
the users home directories should be automatically created when the
user is added to the system.  Often, people have multiple locations,
and the user does not get a home directory for a location until they
need it.  Thus, we've taken the blank slate approach to automount policy.

Ok, I did not mention automounter maps at this point, I only discussed
the very first step - how to bind automounter to our DS.
And there, as I believe, should be wide consensus that the approach
described above is the best (I even believe that anonymous binds to the
DS should be forbidden by default - the same way AD does).

By having it a part of the /ipa-client-install/ procedure we would sort
out many questions about not-working automounter (see the recent
discussion on this list) so admins can directly concentrate on the
automounter maps.

Will I get any attention if I submit a RFE into the RedHat bugzilla? I
can try to code something myself but I am not too god in python :-( .

We have a ticket opened in our tracker for this, https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/1233 . We probably won't have a chance to look at this for a while.


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