Second round of tries today.
I've tried dropping the firewall on both servers, and disabling enforcement for 
SELinux, and a full yum upgrade.
No change in the symptoms so far... :-(
Attached is /var/log/ipa* and below is my console output.
Any hints? Clues? Links to things I should know to read?
[rmsel-admin@vizzini ~]$ sudo ipa-replica-install --setup-dns 
--forwarder= --forwarder=
Directory Manager (existing master) password: 

Configuring ntpd
  [1/4]: stopping ntpd
  [2/4]: writing configuration
  [3/4]: configuring ntpd to start on boot
  [4/4]: starting ntpd
done configuring ntpd.
Configuring directory server: Estimated time 1 minute
  [1/27]: creating directory server user
  [2/27]: creating directory server instance
  [3/27]: adding default schema
  [4/27]: enabling memberof plugin
  [5/27]: enabling referential integrity plugin
  [6/27]: enabling winsync plugin
  [7/27]: configuring replication version plugin
  [8/27]: enabling IPA enrollment plugin
  [9/27]: enabling ldapi
  [10/27]: configuring uniqueness plugin
  [11/27]: configuring uuid plugin
  [12/27]: configuring modrdn plugin
  [13/27]: enabling entryUSN plugin
  [14/27]: configuring lockout plugin
  [15/27]: creating indices
  [16/27]: configuring ssl for ds instance
  [17/27]: configuring certmap.conf
  [18/27]: configure autobind for root
  [19/27]: restarting directory server
  [20/27]: setting up initial replication
Starting replication, please wait until this has completed.
Update in progress
Update in progress
Update in progress
Update in progress
Update in progress
Update succeeded
  [21/27]: adding replication acis
  [22/27]: initializing group membership
  [23/27]: adding master entry
root        : CRITICAL Failed to load master-entry.ldif: Command 
'/usr/bin/ldapmodify -h -v -f /tmp/tmp0uC6BQ -x -D 
cn=Directory Manager -y /tmp/tmp4KPcxN' returned non-zero exit status 32
  [24/27]: configuring Posix uid/gid generation
  [25/27]: enabling compatibility plugin
  [26/27]: tuning directory server
Custom file limits are already set! Skipping

  [27/27]: configuring directory to start on boot
done configuring dirsrv.
Configuring Kerberos KDC: Estimated time 30 seconds
  [1/10]: adding sasl mappings to the directory
  [2/10]: writing stash file from DS
  [3/10]: configuring KDC
  [4/10]: creating a keytab for the directory
creation of replica failed: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 

Your system may be partly configured.
Run /usr/sbin/ipa-server-install --uninstall to clean up.

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