McDougall, Ryan P. [] wrote:
Would anyone be able to give me an example of how to configure autofs
with the fstab, or tell me where I went wrong? I am having trouble
getting things to work. The main thing is that the permissions don’t
seem to be correct for the home directories that we are creating for
users, because when a user logs in, their home directory will be
created, but it will say permission denied when it will try to change
directory to it. The weird thing is then, they start in root, but then
they can change to their home directory then. Any help would be appreciated!

I attached sanitized versions of our configuration files.


Ryan McDougall

Maybe the SELinux context is not correct. Is the ownership otherwise ok? Can you look in /var/log/audit/audit.log on the client machine to see if an AVC is raised?

Also, can you see if you have the oddjob-mkhomedir package installed on the client?



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