Steven Jones wrote:

Nope....didnt know I had to, never heard of this service! is it documented?  I 
will start it....and test.

For the record, what are the packages and what is the correct manual order to 
stop and start please?  or is this documented somewhere?

It is the same as in v1, I assume that stuff was pulled forward to the v2 docs. ipactl is authoritative in this regard though.

In the troubleshooting part of teh guide can we have an order ans a command 
line test for each service in turn with the correct return?

Also using yum to downgrade libcurl fails....lots of broken 
dependencies....oops as they say.

# yum downgrade curl libcurl*


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

what release of freeipa on what platform

RHEL6.1 client, as patched yesterday...ditto I patched the IPA server because 
of the minor/major version problem in adding new clients.

I thought you said this was RHEL 5.6, or is it happening on 6.1 as well?

ipa-client = 2.0.0-23 64bit

password not updated, because I cant login with the new password but continue 
to login with the old and it asks me every time to ground-hog 

Did you start ipa_kpasswd as suggested?


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