I just downgraded libcurl and curl on rhel6.1 client....still broken.


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] version mismatch while joining a client ?

Steven Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> It appears this change also effects RHEL6.1 as well....I have the same 
> message when I try and join new machines.

Yes, updates were done for at least Fedora 14, 15, rawhide, EL5 and EL6.
This was considered a security issue so updates were pushed everywhere.


> regards
> Steven
> Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE
> Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
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>> Joining realm failed because of failing XML-RPC request.
>> This error may be caused by incompatible server/client major versions.
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> I think this is the problem caused by a recent libcurl change. libcurl
> recently dropped support for GSSAPI ticket delegation which is needed
> for the enrollment. If you look in the Apache error log on the IPA
> server I'll bet there is an error about principal.
> We're waiting on upstream to add support for forwarding back in. Until
> then your options are limited. The change was made because it was
> considered a security issue: whenever forwarding was allow the ticket
> was sent whether it was requested or not.
> Downgrading libcurl will fix the problem for enrollment. You should
> evaluate the CVE to decide the course of action:
> http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2011-2192
> rob
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