According to this you have the version of libcurl that supports ticket
forwarding. Are you saying you still get an error when you try
enrollment? This has to be installed on each client, not the server.


Yes....enrolement now fails, previous messages I attached show that I think, it 
used to work.

History, I had to remove all my working IPA clients due to a disk space problem 
on our SAN (we didnt have any).  So I managed to keep the working IPA server 
and 2 x RHEL5 64 bit servers and the one un-configured template of RHEL6.1 
64bit client I had. This I used to make client side clones off previously and 
connected them to IPA server and they worked.

So lastweek I went back and with a running ipa server, I cloned in the old 
client/template and got the mis-match, so I put them on the production network 
and patched, same mismatch problem.

I can do a sosreport of the old template I think and the client to look at the 
differences if that helps.


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