Hi Rob,
It was just "polaris" - so I tried:
[root@polaris etc]# hostname polaris.example.com

and it started working - Magic!
That means that we rely on the fact that hostname is set to FQDN, right? Isn't 
it too strong requirement?
Maybe we should guess FQDN using reverse lookups I do not know. The bottom line is that at least the IPA installation script should warn about the incorrect hostname.

And the error message was bit confusing as well, because from that one none can even guess what went wrong, I even tried to add 'ipactl -d start' to print more debugging, but it did not help either.

Just trying to bring some ideas, otherwise I am happy that it is working again 
for me :-)


On 02.08.2011 15:18, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Is your hostname set to polaris.example.com or polaris (check 

What we search for is cn=$FQDN,cn=masters,cn=etc

That explains the matched part. It matched everything except the hostname.


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