IPA 2.1 is getting close to its release so it is time to set some
expectations and explain our roadmap moving forward a little bit.
First it is planned to have couple bug fixing iterations on top of 2.1.
That translates into 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 milestones respectfully.
We do not plan to do any point releases after 2.1 on the same code base.
We will maintain this code for some time doing fixes and back porting
from the tip but we do not plan to have 2.2 release from it.

The next release will be a major release. It will be 3.0. There will be
two separate parallel teams contributing to this release.
One team is focusing on the cross kerberos trust effort and another on
the core enhancements effort.
There is not much overlap between the two so the tracking purposes it is
easier to create independent milestones for the two teams. The
milestones are named "Core effort" and "Trust effort" respectfully. Each
will have its own backlog - a general pool of things to do and then
individual iterations that are more or less aligned by the month
boundaries. We will try to deliver some meaningful features every month
but there is no guarantee that there will a build to play with every
month as a result of the particular iteration.

The former 2.2 bucket was renamed into 3.0 Core Effort Backlog bucket.
Next step is to select a subset of those tickets  to address during the
September iteration. Since this iteration will have an overlap with the
2.1.x bug fixing effort we do not expect to accomplish much and yet we
expect that the effort would start and some of the initial design and
prototyping steps will be complete.

Finally, you can take a look at the specific tickets in the IPA trac to
read in more details about the features we plan to work on but here is a
high level overview:
* Trust effort - it is all about cross kerberos trust between AD and IPA
and support of different use cases that would allow AD users to access
IPA resources and vice verse.
* Core effort - is it about incremental improvements to IPA. We will be
looking at key management features, SELinux user context assignments,
more Dogtag integration, UI improvements and other security and
usability enhancements.

The driving factor is the Trust effort. As soon as it is ready we will
start preparing a release. The features from the Core effort would be
included on the as available basis.

Hope this helps...


Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

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