Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

I've just updated to FreeIPA 2.1.0. I disabled SELinux on this machine
(Fedora 15) when I installed IPA, as there was a bug with IPA's SELinux
ruleset, which made the ipa-server-install script fail.

That decision seem to be biting my ass now, I get the following error
message: "/usr/bin/runcon: /usr/bin/runcon may be used only on a SELinux
kernel" whenever I attempt to start IPA. See below for output.

After configuring SELinux to be permissive the error disappears, and IPA
starts normally.

I have opened a bug here:

Other than that - thank you for an excellent product! I've been waiting
for the automount option in the GUI, makes editing automount rules a
whole lot easier!! :)


[root@ipa03 ~]# ipactl restart
Restarting Directory Service
Shutting down dirsrv:
IX-TEST-COM... server already stopped [FAILED]
PKI-IPA... server already stopped [FAILED]
*** Error: 2 instance(s) unsuccessfully stopped [FAILED]
Starting dirsrv:
PKI-IPA... [ OK ]
Restarting KDC Service
Restarting krb5kdc (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Restarting KPASSWD Service
Restarting ipa_kpasswd (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Restarting HTTP Service
Restarting httpd (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Restarting CA Service
Stopping pki-ca: [ OK ]
/usr/bin/runcon: /usr/bin/runcon may be used only on a SELinux kernel
Failed to restart CA Service
Shutting down
Stopping krb5kdc (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Stopping ipa_kpasswd (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Stopping httpd (via systemctl): [ OK ]
Stopping pki-ca: [ OK ]
Shutting down dirsrv:
PKI-IPA... [ OK ]
Aborting ipactl
[root@ipa03 ~]# getenforce

What is/was the bug in the SELinux ruleset that caused you to disable SELinux in the first place?


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