Calum wrote:
Hello all,

I am trying to install FreeIPA on Redhat 5.7, and I'm having some troubles.
I believe I'm not missing any dependencies.

Can anyone tell me what is causing the problem below? (Yes, I'm
running make as root - it's not a problem in this instance)

# make
if [ ! -e RELEASE ]; then echo 0>  RELEASE; fi
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ -e s/__RELEASE__/0/ \
       >  freeipa.spec
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ \
                 >  version.m4
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ ipapython/ \
                 >  ipapython/
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ ipapython/ \
                 >  ipapython/
perl -pi -e "s:__NUM_VERSION__:210:" ipapython/
perl -pi -e "s:__API_VERSION__:2.11:" ipapython/
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ daemons/ \
                 >  daemons/ipa-version.h
perl -pi -e "s:__NUM_VERSION__:210:" daemons/ipa-version.h
perl -pi -e "s:__DATA_VERSION__:20100614120000:" daemons/ipa-version.h
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ -e s/__RELEASE__/0/ \
                 ipa-client/>  ipa-client/ipa-client.spec
sed -e s/__VERSION__/2.1.0/ ipa-client/ \
                 >  ipa-client/version.m4
if [ "" != "yes" ]; then \
                 ./makeapi --validate; \
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./makeapi", line 280, in ?
   File "./makeapi", line 258, in main
   File "/root/freeipa-2.1.0/ipalib/", line 578, in finalize
   File "/root/freeipa-2.1.0/ipalib/", line 388, in __do_if_not_done
     getattr(self, name)()
   File "/root/freeipa-2.1.0/ipalib/", line 530, in load_plugins
   File "/root/freeipa-2.1.0/ipalib/", line 568, in import_plugins
     raise e
   File "/root/freeipa-2.1.0/ipalib/", line 1069
     rdn = RDN(*avas, first_key_match=self.first_key_match)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
make: *** [version-update] Error 1

Many thanks,


You will have some serious difficulties getting the server to build in 5.x due to the version of python. We don't support the server in RHEL 5.


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