>From evaluation purposes I am looking to write test cases to evaluate 
>authentication products so here is one I am thinking of.

>From what I can see of IPA it would be fairly easy to implement centrally?

Lets say I have four users Linux users who are in AD...all on the same 

How would (or is it possible) to set them up so user A can ssh to certain 
remote servers (group A), but user B cannot get to the group A servers. At the 
same time user B can get to Group B servers but A cannot.....In addition to 
that User C is an admin and he can get to both groups A and B.....User D in the 
meantime cannot get to A or B groups.....but can ssh out to the 
Internet......as can A, B and C.

Does anyone have any others that are real world situations that I can use as 
test cases?


Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

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