Dan Scott wrote:

I have a FreeIPA 1 system which is being migrated to FreeIPA 2. After
migration, the script says:

"Passwords have been migrated in pre-hashed format.
IPA is unable to generate Kerberos keys unless provided
with clear text passwords. All migrated users need to
login at https://your.domain/ipa/migration/ before they
can use their Kerberos accounts."

I have some users who are authenticated via LDAP. Also I have a Java
application which allows them to change their password using LDAP.
Will existing passwords continue to work when using LDAP
authentication/password changes? It is only Kerberos authentication
which requires users to re-login on this special page?



That is correct.

When the user authenticates to this special page (sssd can also handle this) then Kerberos credentials are generated for the user.


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