Matthew Davis wrote:
So here's the steps I took to reproduce this (which I've done a few
times now to make sure I didn't botch something up)

- fresh install of F15
- fully updated from the main repos
- install freeipa-server using the updates-testing repo
- set SELinux to permissive (due to previous conversations about
selinux stopping the ldap server from restarting)
- ran ipa-server-install

It dies at this stage:

Configuring certificate server: Estimated time 3 minutes 30 seconds
   [1/17]: creating certificate server user
   [2/17]: creating pki-ca instance
   [3/17]: configuring certificate server instance
root        : CRITICAL failed to configure ca instance Command
'/usr/bin/perl /usr/bin/pkisilent ConfigureCA -cs_hostname -cs_port 9445 -client_certdb_dir /tmp/tmp-1oSAYI
-client_certdb_pwd 'XXXXXXXX' -preop_pin JBpIwvNsi8efrsbebjVK
-domain_name IPA -admin_user admin -admin_email root@localhost
-admin_password 'XXXXXXXX' -agent_name ipa-ca-agent -agent_key_size
2048 -agent_key_type rsa -agent_cert_subject
"CN=ipa-ca-agent,O=DOMAIN.COM" -ldap_host -ldap_port
7389 -bind_dn "cn=Directory Manager" -bind_password 'XXXXXXXX'
-base_dn o=ipaca -db_name ipaca -key_size 2048 -key_type rsa
-key_algorithm SHA256withRSA -save_p12 true -backup_pwd 'XXXXXXXX'
-subsystem_name pki-cad -token_name internal
-ca_subsystem_cert_subject_name "CN=CA Subsystem,O=DOMAIN.COM"
-ca_ocsp_cert_subject_name "CN=OCSP Subsystem,O=DOMAIN.COM"
-ca_server_cert_subject_name ",O=DOMAIN.COM"
-ca_audit_signing_cert_subject_name "CN=CA Audit,O=DOMAIN.COM"
-ca_sign_cert_subject_name "CN=Certificate Authority,O=DOMAIN.COM"
-external false -clone false' returned non-zero exit status 255
Unexpected error - see ipaserver-install.log for details:
  Configuration of CA failed

Attached is the last bit of the install log.

Are you using a Directory Manager password with special characters in it? The password ends up getting passed through the shell and some things that require escaping aren't escaped by either us, dogtag or both. We're investigating that now.


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