We have an existing user database managed by Sun Identity Manager,
which populates a centos-directory-server. The users in the directory
server have all passwords hassed with SSHA, and "ipa migrate-ds" told me
that the passwords has been migrated in pre-hashed format.

Luckily Sun Identity Manager has the plain text passwords hidden away
somewhere, and should let me change hash algorithm. For the selection
of password hash algorithm, it says:

        Password Hash Algorithm
        Indicates the algorithm that the system should use to hash the password.
        Currently supported values are SSHA, SHA, SMD5, and MD5. A value of NONE
        or no value indicates that the system will not hash passwords. This will
        cause cleartext passwords to be stored in LDAP unless the LDAP server
        performs the hash (Netscape Directory Server and iPlanet Directory
        Server do). 

Will the ipa-migration handle any of these formats ? Which would be the
preferred ?


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