I'm a bit unclear on a few aspects of the IPA design....

In the beginning of the fedora 15 user document there is comment on load 
balancing yet when you join a client its stating a specific server, so how does 
that work?

So is the load balancing manual-matic?  ie if you have several replicas  you 
have to point the client at one or other when you join?

If so how does the client survive while one replica is off line?

For an architecture design for our site Im thinking of have a "Master" Master 
that does the gui and the AD sync but then 2 replicas that I point the clients 
at? keeping the master isolated with a firewall so clients dont normally 
connect does this make sense?

Possibly some visio (oops wash my mouth out) diagrams in the doc on 
architectural options would be useful....I know I'd find them useful.


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