Hi, new to the list.  I have been pounding away at this for the past month
or so, and I am stumped as to why when installing IPA, it keeps wanting to
setup DNS with a domain name of ipaserver.test.mark.cinense.org.  During the
interaction part of the install, I defined the domain as mark.cinense.org.

The message I get is:

Do you want to configure the reverse zone? [yes]:
Configuring named:
  [1/9]: adding DNS container
  [2/9]: setting up our zone
Unexpected error - see ipaserver-install.log for details:
 test.mark.cinense.org: DNS zone not found

Here is how I answer the interactive questions:

Server host name [ipaserver.test.mark.cinense.org]:

Warning: skipping DNS resolution of host ipaserver.test.mark.cinense.org
The domain name has been calculated based on the host name.

Please confirm the domain name [test.mark.cinense.org]: mark.cinense.org

The IPA Master Server will be configured with
Hostname:    ipaserver.test.mark.cinense.org
IP address:
Domain name: mark.cinense.org

When I do a hostname I get:

[root@ipaserver log]# hostname

Any ideas?  Is there something I am missing?

Mark Cinense CNA A+ MCP CVE RHCSA 6
MACDAV Productions a Cinense Consulting Service Company
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