Stephen Ingram wrote:

I tried that, but I couldn't figure out the correct format:

ipa user-mod --setattr=objectclass=oc1, oc2, oc3

ipa user-mod --setattr=objectclass=oc1 oc2 oc3

ipa user-mod --setattr=objectclass=oc1, objectclass=oc2, objectclass=oc3

and some others. Nothing seemed to work all reporting that multiple
arguments were not supported.

This should work

ipa user-mod --setattr=objectclass=oc1 --addattr=objectclass=oc2 --addattr=objectclass=oc3 ...



On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 11:48 AM, Rob Crittenden<>  wrote:
Stephen Ingram wrote:

I've successfully used ipa user-mod --setattr to remove custom
attributes that I've added by simply setting the attribute equal to
nothing. However, it does not work in the case of objectclasses since
there are several and the command does not support multiple arguments.
I've seen references to --delattr in older v1 documentation.
Obviously, this could be easily accomplished with an ldapmodify
command, but it would be nice to have directly in ipa. Is this already
supported and I simply don't know the correct command?


There is currently not a delattr equivalent in v2 though we are looking into

What you'd need to do is a setattr with the full list of objectclasses you
want it to be set to. This will replace the current value(s).


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