Just looking at the GUI and then trying to connect a Sun/Oracle Soalr storage 
array to it Im struggling to match up what the Sun is asking v what I see in 
the GUI.

I know it might clutter up the GUI, possibly too much but I'd like to see the I 
suppose "raw" info...

So If I have a user such as Steven who's in group admin-users and domain 
unix.vuw.ac.nz I'd like to see the lDAP syntax reflected in the GUI as I set it 
up......so a single line on the page saying steven ou=admin-users, 
cn=unix,cn=vuw,cn=ac,cn=nz (or whatever its meant to be) would be hugely useful 
for me....and I suspect others.....Its like trying to learn another language 
really, I need a  gui to ldap "dictionary"....

Hopefully Ive explained what I am trying to get across/ask for.



Steven Jones

Technical Specialist - Linux RHCE

Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

0064 4 463 6272

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