I apologize for the delay. I got crazy busy.

On 10/27/2011 02:50 PM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
> You don't say what version of freeipa you are using but we fixed a
> similar sounding problem earlier this spring. Try adding --force to the
> command-line as an outside chance of working.

The RPM's show a version of 2.0.0-23.el6_1.2. I knew they were a bit
old, but I didn't realize they were that far back. I did try adding the
--force option and I got the results below.

Joining realm failed: Host is already joined.
Use ipa-getkeytab to obtain a host principal for this server.
Created /etc/ipa/default.con
Configured /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
Configured /etc/krb5.conf for IPA realm BLARG.LOCAL
Failed to obtain host TGT.
Failed to update DNS A record. (Command ‘/usr/bin/nsupdate –g
/etc/ipa/.dns_update.txt’ return non-zero exit status 1)
SSSD enabled
nss_ldap is not able to use DNS discovery!
Changing configuration to use hardcoded server name: ipa.blarg.local
Kerberos 5 enabled
NTP enabled
Client configuration complete.

Since my first email, I had attempted to add the host via the web
browser. I was hoping if I set the OTP that I could get it to work. It
didn’t. Don’t know if that caused a problem here.

When I try to look at /etc/ipa/.dns_update.txt the file doesn’t exist so
I assume it was deleted by the ipa-client-install script. I am unable to
login with the user I created.

> Building 2.1.3 from source is going to require the same set of
> dependencies as building from the src.rpm. Note though that upstream
> development of freeipa is done in Fedora, not RHEL.

I will keep that in mind and I will try to build from the source RPM. If
I have an issue I will post back here.

Thank you very much for your help!


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