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On Wed, November 9, 2011 20:27, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
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So what OS would not be too old to run FreeIPA on? Would we be talking CentOS 6?


Well, RHEL 6.2 (due out before the end of the year) will include a
fully-supported version of FreeIPA as "Red Hat Identity Management". 
Presumably, whenever CentOS
6.2 is released, it will also carry this

It's likely to be possible to get it to run on CentOS 6.0, but it will
require some elbow grease. I also agree with the earlier comments that 512MB is 
not enough to run
the OS + FreeIPA. _______________________________________________

Agreed! Even my test setup with 10 clients started swapping on an IPA server 
with 1GB of memory.
It now uses approx 1,7GB of memory after the IPA server was increased to 2GB.

What if you just give it massive amounts of swap though?

I've developed IPA in some 512MB VMs with 1GB swap and it generally works ok but I usually only have a couple of clients. At the moment ~200MB is swapped.

So yeah, I guess you could say it works, but I wouldn't deploy it this way. I'm not even sure it would make a fair evaluation machine given the inevitable performance issues.


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