There was mention in another thread that Red Hat 6.2 was soon to be
released. I didn't feel it right to hijack that thread so I am posting a
new one.

Does anyone know what version of IPA will be in 6.2? I dug around on
their ftp site in the beta section [1] looking for SRPMS but I didn't
see anything. Well they do have a ipa-client-2.0-2.el6.src.rpm but I
didn't see anything for the server part. They have a IPA folder with a
debug section but nothing of interest. I was unable to find anything
about which version of the 389-ds they were going to have much less a SRPM.


I have heard from several sources that 6.2 was going to have a big push
from Red Hat for IPA but I don't see it in the beta section. Am I
looking in the wrong spot or am I going a bit daft and somehow not
finding either 389-ds or IPA server in the beta section?


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