On 11/13/2011 02:48 PM, Simo Sorce wrote:
On Sat, 2011-11-12 at 15:55 +0100, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

I notice that when sssd is configured to update DNS, it's only updating
the DNS forward zone, it's not updating the DNS reverse zone. And I
cannot find any option for enabling updating of the reverse dns zone.

Have I missed something? Or is updating the reverse zone not supported?
It is not supported at this time.
While we have a way to determine if your host has any right to update
the machine A/AAAA name because we can check if the host authenticated
using a key of type host/<A-name>@REALM we have no way to validate that
a host has any right to update a PTR record.

Allowing a host to change any PTR record in any reverse zone would be
very disruptive as a compromised host could change PTR records for
important servers.

Ok, I see the issue.

I notice ISC dhcpd adds a TXT record along with the updated record with a string that identifies that host record being "owned" by that dhcpd. And it does not attempt to update DNS if it cannot validate the content of the TXT record, or there already exists a record without a corresponding TXT record.

Perhaps a similar approach could be applied to IPA? Using attributes in the LDAP DNS tree instead of TXT records.. ?

We are trying to make sure (patches, configurations) that reverse
resolution is disabled for kerberos and canonicalization does not use it
by default as it is unreliable in any case.
Yes, I've noticed. :) Authentication based on forward/reverse lookups aside, being able to look up reverse IP records does help troubleshooting. And it becomes almost a requirement for being able to manage IPv6 networks.

It would be very nice to see reverse address update implemented in SSSD at some point. Is there already an open RFE?


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