On Sun, 2011-11-27 at 18:53 +0100, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:
> Perhaps an opertunity for improvements here? My suggestions:
> * First off, add to the documentation to remove the replica on
> another 
> IPA server before uninstalling the IPA replica?

We should probably do this, can you open a doc bug ?

> * Why not automatically delete the replication agreement when 
> uninstalling the replica?

We haven't done this so far as it requires admin or DM credentials to do

> * Where did the CA instance go? I see nothing in the documentation
> about 
> this, but I found a ipa-ca-install command.

The CA component is always optional on replicas. You do not necessarily
want to have a CA replica in every single FreeIPA replica. Usually a few
CA instance (perhaps one or two per geography will suffice).

So you should either pass --setup-ca at ipa-replica-install time or call
ipa-ca-install later.

>  ipa-ca-install yelded the 
> error below.

I will let Adam chime on the errors, they should not happen of course.

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