On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 14:10 -0600, Greg Swift wrote:
> I'm having a debate with our hostmaster.  His general complaint is
> that systems like AD and FreeIPA should not be so closely tied to the
> domain name because some standard such as his group distributes
> include a hostname that may change every few years (moving datacenters
> etc).
> Since I am not deep in AD for FreeIPA (i just lurk the list and play
> with FreeIPA whenever I get a chance, which isn't as often as I'd
> like), does anyone have any solid points about this to help educate me
> so I can understand better, and thus hopefully get him to understand
> why its necessary?

Choose a name that is no particularly tied to your datacenter and can be
moved with the AD/FreeIPA install.

Keep in mind that unlike AD, FreeIPA allows your clients to use whatever
hostname they want. This comes with some manual work on your krb5.conf
files across the domain, but it is doable.


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