On Dec 15, 2011, at 3:46 AM, Adam Young wrote:

>>> I'm running version 2.0.0-23 under Scientific 6.1. I've noticed that users 
>>> in the "User Administrator" role,  don't have access via the web UI to 
>>> actually manage groups. The only link under "Identity" is "Users". CLI 
>>> management works as expected. Is this a known bug with the relatively old 
>>> version of FreeIPA I'm running?
>>> $ ipa role-show "User Administrator"
>>>   Role name: User Administrator
>>>   Description: Responsible for creating Users and Groups
>>>   Member users: levesque
>>>   Privileges: user administrators, group administrators
>>> $ ipa privilege-show "group administrators"
>>>   Privilege name: Group Administrators
>>>   Description: Group Administrators
>>>   Permissions: add groups, remove groups, modify groups, modify group 
>>> membership
>>>   Granting privilege to roles: User Administrator
>> A similar issue was fixed in 2.1.3 but it affected all UI screens IIRC (e.g. 
>> non-admins never saw anything extra).
> Yes,  that is the same issue.

Do you have a BZ link for this? We're tracking RHEL releases, and it appears 
that 6.2 will only get us up to version 2.1.1. I'm curious if the fix can be 
diff'ed in...


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