I have a multimaster infrastructure with 3 core FreeIPA servers and 10 
supporting (procedurally read-only) FreeIPA servers.

I notice that occasionally 1 of the systems starts producing errors filling up 
Replica has a different generation ID than the local data
(I suspect this is due to ntp problems that I am trying to work out)


^ This document suggests that I should re-initialize the problematic system 
from one of the core master servers.

Upon so doing, I am finding that all 13 servers CPU's spike to 100% of 1 core 
while they re-process memberof data... Even though there are many many cores in 
these systems the intense & single threaded nature of this process causes a 
performance hit in all 13 data centers for all clients.

Am I reading the documentation wrong? Shouldn't a re-initialization of the 
problematic host only cause a replication: master -> slave + slave memberof 

This seems like a fairly severe performance effecting bug.


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