I am trying to solve an issue that seems like it should be obvious but
is not, to me at least.

I am trying to allow a user to log into a single host, via GDM. I have
configured a HBAC rule that allows access to the host from the host
(actually to the group with the host in it from the same group).
Unfortunately, logins are failing, what is more sssd is crashing when
this is tried (perhaps they didn't design for a monkey like me :).

The only way that I can get logins to work is for it to be allowed from
any host, not from the host itself. So what, if any, are the tricks here
that I am missing?

I will send in the sssd crashing bit, abrt doesn't seem to want to list
it even though it is is in /var/spool/abrt, so I get to monkey with it
some other way.

This is on a RHEL 6.2 client, connected to a RHEL 6.2 server.


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