On Thu, 2012-01-05 at 18:27 -0500, Sylvain Angers wrote:
> Hi again, 
> by moving away from local account, to freeipa do we affect any of
> these numbers?: 
> -group name length limits
> -group membership limits
> or they remain the same / as the under limit of the local os?
> On linux, I believe there will still be a limitation of 16 id per
> group, right?

Linux has a "limitation" of 65K groups per user, and this has been true
for many years now.

If you use NFS with sys auth instead of krb5 auth then you have a
limitation of 16 groups per user, but this is a protocol limitation
valid for all OSs, it is not a limitation of Linux. And using krb5 auth
there is no such limitation.
> If anyone has some past experience with AIX, feel free to share with
> me

We did some qualification/documentation testing on AIX a while back. All
I can say is that AIX can work agains FreeIPA just fine, but I am in no
way an AIX expert and the docs we have on freeipa.org are all I can tell
you to use as I already forgot all the details we dicovered at the time
we tested AIX :)

> I am really interested to ear about it

Let me know if there is anything unclear about AIX clients in the
documentation on freeipa.org.


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