On Mon, 2012-01-09 at 12:28 -0900, Erinn Looney-Triggs wrote:

Looks like the expiration is not updated, I suspect the password change
actually failed.

> A couple of additional notes that may be important. The system to
> which
> I am attempting to authenticate lives in private IP space whereas the
> IPA server is on a public IP.

Does it mean the client system is NATed wrt IPA ?

I think that could make kpasswd fail. I need to check if this has been
addressed in MIT libraries but IIRC it is a known limitation so far.
The kpasswd binary I think specifies the IP address in mk_priv and fails
verification from behind a NAT.

>  Second HBAC is in effect on the host so
> the user must be a member of the desktop group in order to
> authenticate.

HBAC is not involved in any way with password changes, so I am confident
you can exclude any correlation.

> These may not have any bearing, or they may who knows. 

Yes the NAT part may be your issue.


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