On 01/10/2012 02:31 PM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> It's come up more than once that SSSD needs a Frequently Asked Questions
> page to field some of our more common questions. I'm reaching out to the
> SSSD and FreeIPA user and developer communities to help us flesh out
> this page.
> I've begun it with the two most common questions I've received lately,
> as well as a basic primer on enabling debug logging to help identify
> issues.
> I'd like some additional suggestions on what questions should be
> answered on that page, as well as opening the page to volunteer-edits to
> add answers to any questions they may have had and solved (or enlisted
> aid in solving) in the past.
> The page is available at https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/FAQ and can
> be edited by anyone with a free Fedora account. If you don't have one,
> you can register quickly and easily at
> https://admin.fedorahosted.org/accounts
> Thank you very much for your contributions.
> Once this page has some meat, I will also be looking for interested
> translators to take a stab at making it accessible to non-English-native
> users.
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1) What platforms SSSD is supported on?
2) Is there an API to configure it?
3) What are the valid combinations of
identity+password+authentication+authorization data providers - should
be pointer to a page that contains a matrix 
4) When should I use enumeration=true ?

Just came to mind...

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Dmitri Pal

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