I am trying to better understand the --setup-dns option and I am going
through the Red Hat documentation on IPA as my source[1]. This script
generates a bunch of DNS redirects for the named server. I don't quite
understand everything it does, but I am curious because I would prefer to
use DNSMasq over named/dhcpd/tftpd. I am struggling trying to get
named/dhcpd/tftpd to work anywhere close to the level that DNSMasq works
for me.


The exact problem I am working with is this: If I setup DNSMasq and follow
the Red Hat documentation for 6.2 but I do not pass the --setup-dns option
then when I try to install the clients they fail because they can't find
the services on the network even when I try to force point them to the
server. However, if I follow the guide step by step it turns out
differently; it works. I disabled DNSMasq, installed named, and passed the
--setup-dns option. The clients were then able to autodetect the server
without problems. So then IPA works as expected but nothing else on the
network does.

Obviously the bind configuration is the designed implementation for IPA but
I am spending far more of my time trying to get named/dhcpd/tftpd working
acceptably then I have available. DNSMasq works great for me if I could
figure out how to replicate the --setup-dns option in it.

I am really hoping someone might be able to give me a few pointers in
replicating the IPA named configuration in DNSMasq.

Thank you!

PS. I originally sent to the wrong list (devel). I greatly apologize. I was
looking at the devel list doing research and grabbed the wrong email.
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