I can't really figure out what the proper syntax is for the sudo rules
in IPA. I have a number of options that I would like included by
default, I have put them in place, from ipa sudorule-show:

Sudo Option: env_keep = "LESSSECURE", env_reset, mail_badpass,
mail_no_host, mail_no_perms, syslog = local2

This doesn't appear to work, when sudo is run:

sudo: unknown defaults entry `env_keep '
sudo: unknown defaults entry `mail_badpass, mail_no_host, mail_no_perms,
syslog '

One thing that jumps out at me is that the '= whatever' portion is not
being maintained.

The directions in the IDM guide are less than clear, simply referencing
the sudoers page for options. These are all valid sudo options, this is
basically a straight port over from a sudoers file.

So anyone have any experience doing this bit?


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