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Has anyone successfully gotten firefox in windows with firefox and mit kerberos?

I've followed several how to's, but i cant get firefox to take/pass my tgt.

The Key to success:

network.negotiate-auth.gsslib: C:\Program Files\MIT\Kerberos\bin\gssapi32.dll

I had been previously using lib\i386/gssapi32.lib and thats what was breaking 

The rest of the documentation on the FreeIPA site is sound.

We could probably stand to add that 1 line to the doc at 

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The only other thing I would add here, at least for me, was on an x86_64
install of windows I needed to use: C:\Program Files


OPPS!  One other line I needed to change for firefox to work in windows:

network.auth.use-sspi: false

^ This tells firefox <not> to use the built-in AD based Kerberos/SSO.

I didn't realize I had missed this until I went back through from scratch to 

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