Hey all,

I've been running IPA on a RHEL6.2 and so far it's looking great. HBAC is 
The other machines in the domain is another RHEL 6.2 and one RHEL 5.7.

I've also configured SUDO and it was working great on all machines. But thats 
changed now.
The RHEL 6.2 and the ipaserver itself (also rhel6.2) works great. But the RHEL 
5.7 stopped working the other day, and nothing i do can make it work again.

I've followed the documentation at:
But i just cant seem to find the problem, so i'm starting to wonder if it broke 
when i patched the system the other day.

Both login and HBAC rules seem to work fine on the 5.7 box, but not SUDO.
I've tried running the sssd daemon interactivly and in debug mode (sssd -i -d6) 
but it's hard to know what to look for.
Anyone able to give some troubleshooting tips?

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