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> I have been experimenting with how best to address this, however I am
> constantly being pushed back to the only way of having a userdir that
> actually exists would be a homdir which would be created when a user
> first logs in.
> Yes, if you ssh to the dovecot server as the user (with oddjobd running
> in the background) it will create the homedir  with no problems and the
> issue is resolved, however users should not *have to* interactively log
> into a server just to allow them to access mail.
> my only thinking here is shared homedirs (nfs?) between clients and
> servers, however my thoughts on this are "if dovecot is redirecting a
> users mail to their homedir, then why do we need dovecot to access it
> via imap when the mail will already appear in their homedir?"
> does anyone have any thoughts on this?

If you have an imap server instead of local mail, people do not have
to login a desktop/text session to check their e-mail. They can access it
from any imap client, even webmail.


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