On Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 11:13:36AM +0000, Dale Macartney wrote:
> i'm dabbling with automated provisioning of ipa client servers, and i'm
> a little perplexed on how to add a keytab to a system during the %post
> section of a kickstart...
> i've run ipa-client-install -U -p admin -w redhat123 which works
> perfect, but in order to run ipa-getkeytab i need a tgt, which doesn't
> appear to be generated during the ipa-client-install.
> any suggestions on doing this during a post?

The password does not look nice here thou..

        echo 'redhat123' | kinit admin --

One might also be able to fetch the ticket as a file and deploy
it on the system for usage.


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