Kelvin Edmison wrote:
It turns out I had missed the UDP ports for kerberos (88) and kpasswd (464)
in the firewall configuration.

I had the TCP ports open, just not the UDP ones.  I missed the fine print
that said these two ports had to be open via both TCP and UDP. I think this
constitutes a vote of support for :)

While on the topic of firewall configuration, why are the list of ports
different in bug 2110 versus the Red Hat IPA documentation
anagement_Guide/Preparing_for_an_IPA_Installation.html ?

Bug 2110 appears to skip all the dogtag ports, even though the RedHat IPA
document says that they 'cannot be in use by another service or blocked by a

dogtag is now proxied behind the Apache web server so ports 9xxx no longer need to be open.

I'll get the docs updated.


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