Marco Pizzoli wrote:
Hi guys,
Sorry to resend this, but this information would be helpful to me.

Thanks in advance as usual

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Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:08 AM
Subject: Question about alpha release process
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Hi guys,
during next days I'm going to put more effort on my FreeIPA project, so
I would appreciate to test (and report problems/bugs, of course) with
other alpha versions of FreeIPA 2.2.
Have you got any plan to release other alpha versions shortly?

Just to know, thanks a lot as usual.

Nice timing, I had a response started to your original e-mail in another e-mail window :-)

The changes so far since the last alpha have been relatively minor which is why I haven't done another alpha so far (DNS being the exception). We have quite a lot of pending fixes I'm going to roll up into a release at the end of next week. Since we'll be feature complete I'll probably call it beta 1.



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