I'm experiencing that SSSD is now crashing at random times on _ALL_ RHEL 6.2 
machines where we
have installed SSSD connected to an IPA domain. SSSD can reach up to a month of 
uptime before
sssd_be crashes. This happens on both physical and virtual machines. It happens 
at different
machines at different times, sometimes during working hours, other times during 
the middle of the
night. It's never happened on several machines at the same time.

These machines does not have a GUI and the issue is similar but not directly 
related to the KDE
screensaver lock as per my earlier posts. Also, the KDE screensaver issue was 
at RHEL 5.

What happens is a line in the syslog about sssd_be crashing.

sssd_be[1418] general protection ip:41d527 sp:7fff9e82ead0 error:0 in 

sssd_be is then being restarted by the parent process, but is no longer usable. 
Any login via ssh
to these machines will just hang.

Has anyone else seen this issue?


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