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I'm experiencing that SSSD is now crashing at random times on _ALL_ RHEL 6.2 
machines where
we have installed SSSD connected to an IPA domain. SSSD can reach up to a month 
of uptime
before sssd_be crashes. This happens on both physical and virtual machines. It 
happens at
different machines at different times, sometimes during working hours, other 
times during
the middle of the night. It's never happened on several machines at the same 

These machines does not have a GUI and the issue is similar but not directly 
related to the
screensaver lock as per my earlier posts. Also, the KDE screensaver issue was 
at RHEL 5.

What happens is a line in the syslog about sssd_be crashing.

sssd_be[1418] general protection ip:41d527 sp:7fff9e82ead0 error:0 in 

sssd_be is then being restarted by the parent process, but is no longer usable. 
Any login
via ssh to these machines will just hang.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Can you try to get us a backtrace, please? "general protection" isn't
enough information. Though it's interesting that it's "general protection" and 
That's certainly new.

Do you have abrtd running on these systems? If so, it should be able to
capture a core dump when this happens again, which you can use to generate a 
backtrace for us.

I certainly do have abrt, some of the dumps are quite large. I will send you 
these in a private

Thanks, can you also let me know the exact version of SSSD that you're


I've opened https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/ticket/1226 to track the crash
you're seeing. All three of the backtraces you sent me had the same
information (included in the ticket; it contains no private data).

This is only happening during "graceful" shutdown when sssd_be receives
a SIGTERM and is cancelling all pending requests. It's possible that the
actual behavior you're seeing is unrelated to this crash, though.
Because a crash at shutdown (or restart) should still be properly

This is a serious issue though, so let's get this out of the picture and
see what else happens after that.


I see from the bugzilla ticket that you have not been able to re-produce the issue.

I would like to mention that one thing these machines share in common that's using sssd, is that we utilize Nagios for monitoring where a monitoring user is logging in using ssh to check various services. There are approx 20 services being checked every 5 minutes, approx 240 logins per hour.

We also use HBAC rules for access control. And we have "options rotate", and "options timeout:4" set in resolv.conf on our clients. We also have a modified krb5.conf file having multiple kerberos realms, enabling dns kdc lookups, and disabling dns realm lookups.

Not that I see how anything of that could be related, but that is what I can think of that's been modified after a stock ipa-client-install.


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