On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Ondrej Valousek <ondr...@s3group.cz> wrote:

>  Your LDAP_URI is incorrect. Please make sure you follow the documentation
> exactly.
> Perhaps you actually wanted to say:
> LDAP_URI="ldap:///dc=ipa,dc=domain,dc=nx";

argh, you're right. But .. if I do not specify a ldap search base, it still
does not work. With a search base it works great. I can live with this :-)

> Alternatively, if you do not specify the LDAP_URI parameter at all, autofs
> will try SRV lookup against your default dnsdomain.
> Also, there is no nee for debugging automount with -d now, you can also
> try:
> automount -m
> which causes automount to dump all tables.

awesoeme! Thanks for the tip.

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